Reputable Nightclubs In NYC

A night out on the tiles in the Big Apple is a unique experience, particularly these days. While Brooklyn is always a cool place to socialize, it never hurts to venture further afield and hit the dance floor in the Manhattan clubs, for instance. Here are some of the most reputable nightlife that nightclubs in NYC has to offer:

Pacha, New York

This club is located in midtown Manhattan, on West 46th St. The reputation of Pacha as a worldwide mecca for clubbers draws in large numbers of glamorous party goers. This venue, which is thirty-thousand sq ft in size, has four levels. All levels have their own bespoke personality/decoration, and can be individually hired out. The speaker system used is Dynacord alpha, which is from Germany and extremely powerful. The standard lighting and LED effects ensure that every room takes on a life of its’ own.


This cabaret style nightclub, which has been open since 2003, is situated in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The purple walls are adorned with chic artwork, and there is a spiral staircase leading to a “Boom Box” room from the central dance floor. This back room, which offers a respite from the intensity of the dance floor below, is fitted with leather sofas. Every evening, this club focuses on a different kind of electronic dance music (EDM).


This is a sister club to the Marquee, situated in midtown Manhattan. The Lavo restaurant and nightclub is famous for its’ popular House talent. The décor is similar to the Marquee, with cascading chandeliers and leather sofas for VIPs. However, it offers a smaller and cozier experience, with more engagement between DJs and club goers.


Both lavish décor and sophisticated design are features of the Touch nightclub and event space. This venue, which is twelve-thousand sq ft, has three levels. Lately, the nightclub has been renovated and offers a frequent timetable of live music, club nights, catered banquets, corporate presentations and fashion shows.


This club is a haven for hipsters and Deep House enthusiasts, and is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With its’ metal décor and small size (just ten-thousand sq ft) Verboten dazzles its’ clientele with LED walls and lasers, as well as the best underground music. Yoga sessions and art shows are hosted in between sets.

The Output Club

This club, which is shaped like a box, is just a couple of minutes stroll from Verboten. Its’ simple design, combined with excellent line ups away from the more usual EDM sounds, is a breath of fresh air. Output DJs are less well known than the global EDM celebrities. However, with artists such as Jamie Jones, Len Faki, Seth Troxler and Danny Tenaglia you can be sure of some fantastic Deep House, Techno and House music.


As one of the multilevel NYC nightclubs, Element is extremely posh and hosts DJs, VJ’s, and numerous hip hop themed dance evenings. With its’ huge main room ceilings, impressive Romanesque archways and mezzanine candlelit walls, Element ranks among the most elegant NYC nightclubs. This three level haven for clubbers includes a VIP mezzanine, enticing lounge areas and several full service bars.

Riff Raff’s

Finally, another enjoyable Manhattan night spot to check out is situated in Gramercy (in the east of the island). Riff Raff’s is like a cross between a House music club and a tiki bar. Much of the time, the DJs are local people, and all clubbers have Amazonian war paint applied to them upon entry. The venue’s décor transports you out of an urban environment and into a rain forest, whilst still offering incredible laser lights, VIP bottle poppers, and a cozy dance floor to DJ ratio.

Some Of The Top New York City Nursing Homes

Care Home

New York City can boast of 576 nursing homes. 223 of these have received 5-star ratings from the nyc federal ‘Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’. The metro area, often referred to as ‘nyc’, includes Westchester County, Northern New Jersey, and Long Island.

These ratings are based on various measures of the quality of medical care, nursing staff, and health inspections.

(1). Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility – This facility accepts Medicare and Medicaid. It holds 589 beds and is government/state owned. It is not a part of any chain or Continuing Care Retirement Community. It rates 5 stars.

The 5 star rating means that this facility is in full compliance with food preparation standards as well as other health-related activities involved in state inspections. These inspections are carried out approximately every 15 months.

The Holly Patterson home has not received any citations for deficiencies or incidents, or received any complaints over the past 3 years.

(2). Amsterdam Nursing Home Corp (1992)

This is another one of the top nursing homes within NYC according to U.S. News and Work Report for 2014. They accept Medicare and Medicaid and feature 409 beds. They are a non-profit, Corporation owned facility, with no continuing care retirement community and are they are not part of any chain.

They have not been fined or denied any payments over the past 3 years. They also received a 5-star rating.

(3). Kittay House (Jewish Home and Hospital Nursing Home)

Their decor may run a bit more toward linoleum than marble, but the Kittay House is an excellent choice for moderate-income people who place a lot of value on an energetic social scene. This 36-year old high-rise has a dorm feel to it. It is part of the affordable-housing initiative by Mitchell-Lama.

The service is friendly according to both residents and experts on elder-care. Kittay residents have the option of ‘pay-as-you-go’ rehab services as well as access to additional services from the Jewish Home next door. The Jewish Home is the pioneer of an award-winning Alzheimer’s program.

(4). Hearthstone Alzheimer Care:

There are 29 beds and a 2 to 3 month waiting list here. It takes a $3,000 refundable deposit to hold a place on the list. The assistance given here is focused on Alzheimer’s disease. The place is located up on the 7th floor of the Esplanade but is separate from it. Hearthstone boasts of having the highest caregiver-to-patient ratios in the industry.

Their staff is one of the best-trained within the industry. They are said to ‘Speak Alzheimers’, which translates to never pressing residents who are unable to summon the right words. The entire program is designed to minimize the confusion.

Their secured floor has been strategically shaped to keep residents from feeling trapped. They place glass-enclosed memory boxes, jewelry, and family photos outside of doorways to help the residents locate their rooms.

(5). Cobble Hill Health Center:

This facility is commonly referred to as being a sub-acute-care home due to its strong medical programs. It has been providing care for over 30 years that rivals many of the good community hospitals. It is visited weekly by around 60 medical consultants, including dermatologists and oncologists, along with a whole slew of counselors and social workers.

Their Alzheimer’s unit if considered a model program by the State Dept. of Health. Their cardiac-rehabilitation and hemodialysis are distinguished as well.

This facility is touted by many for their commitment to ‘culture change’. They achieve this by dividing residents and their medical personnel into smaller and more personalized communities. This won them the Commissioner’s Award for Innovation given by the New York City Dept. for the Aging.


Reading the reviews and writing the reviews can help so many people to choose the next spot for hosting their big event or to hang out with friends. The Internet is now one of the most common things used by almost everyone, and so people can use it to learn from other’s experience and to make people learn from theirs. While writing a review about the partying spot you last visited with your friends, you can tell the readers about the bright lights and the new sound track you heard there. And you can also add pictures of your group with the background or of the food you ate.

Well, Katra Lounge reviews help you in discovering the place. The Katra Lounge reviews make it easier for you to choose the lounge as your next special event space because the place can hold from 3 to 300 people. Just think about what you might get when you reach the Katra Lounge. Well, the Katra Lounge reviews provide you with the knowledge that you are guaranteed to meet the most welcoming staff and to receive the best night out services.

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Moreover, going out with friends and rediscovering any culture sounds just so exciting and adventurous. Well, you can do this. Enter the Taj Lounge and experience a night out with an Indian inspired theme. The Taj II Club NYC is a bi level cocktail lounge offering you smooth specialty cocktails and drinks along with flavorful food menu with French and American accents added to the traditional Indian cuisines. The exclusive décor and the comfortable sitting areas fill your cultural craving. The state of the art sound system compliments the upscale and elegant décor of the Taj II Club NYC. The club is a host to the most sophisticated and attractive crowd. In the most stylish setting, the Taj II Club NYC provides you its signature cocktails as you enjoy the hits played by the DJ.

Well, the Taj II Club NYC is a place not to miss while enjoying the nightlife of the New York City as it is one of the hottest places in the city.

NYC Restaurant Week Fall 2014

NYC & Company has announced the opening of reservations for the NYC Restaurant Week, Fall 2014. NYC & Company is the official marketing, partnership and tourism organization in the Big Apple. The NYC Restaurant Week runs October 21 through November 15 and gives tourists and native New Yorkers alike 4 full weeks of great dining discounts in a number of New York City restaurants. Special pricing runs Monday through Friday of each week, with optional Sundays and Saturdays excluded. Restaurant aficionados may eat 3-course prix-fixe lunches for a low price of $25 and 3-course prix-fixe dinners for only $38. These prices do exclude beverages, tax and gratuity. Go to for a full list of the NYC restaurants and to make reservations. Fred Dixon, president and chief executive officer of NYC & Company, praised New York as the “undisputed dining capital of the world” and its varied and unique cuisines and dining venues. He elaborated that the NYC Restaurant Week promotion is outstanding because it gives diners a way to experience all New York dining has to offer them and to do it in an affordable way. Many new Big Apple restaurants have joined this year’s line-up, including Murray’s Cheese bar, Minton’s in Harlem, Greenhouse Cafe and Tanoreen in Bay Ridge,and Socarrat Paella Bar in Nolita. Launched more than 20 years ago in 1992, NYC Restaurant Week is the biggest and the first dining program of this variety anywhere. It is key to assisting New York’s restaurant industry which generates more than $12 billion each year in the area and gives jobs to more than 200,000 individuals. Tracy Nieporent, Chairman of NYC & Company’s Restaurant Committee, states that the New York City restaurants really enjoy giving diners something that is superlative on every level– excellent quality, great variety, outstanding diversity and the best in entertainment. Nieporent called the Restaurant Week a way to experience Big Apple dining “in a way that’s authentic and entertaining.” Again this year, patrons can take advantage of a special offer from American Express. American Express Card Members will receive a $5 credit on their statements if they spend $25 or more at a participating restaurant. To register and get more information on this great offer, visit The NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014 advertised the event in a totally new way by promoting local chefs in creative assets. All digital properties, banners, taxi videos and other media will prominently feature NYC Restaurant Week and its excellent cuisine. Go to the media library at The Toshiba Vision screens in Times Square will show NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014 items every 5 minutes for 3 weeks– from October 21 to November 15. Diners should share the outstanding experiences they have during Restaurant Week by using hashtag#NYCRestaurantWeek. NYC & Company is producing NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2014. The Founding Sponsor of the event is American Express. NYC & Company is the official marketing and tourism organization for New York City. It aims to increase tourism and travel in and through the 5 boroughs of the Big Apple. NYC & Company works to boost the economy of the area and to positively promote the image of the city across the globe. Go online for more information about NYC & Company:


Fridays can be rough but not enough as soon as you step in the Hudson Terrace. If the day at the workplace has been hard to get through, join the Hudson Terrace Fridays. The hottest DJ in the best rooftop in NYC will take all the stress out with the music they play on the state of the art sound system. The Hudson Terrace is the most exclusive rooftop bar in the New York City letting people enjoys the best nightlife services. The welcoming staff of the Hudson Terrace opens the doors of the club on every Friday. The Hudson Terrace Fridays are full of fun and excitement. The Hudson Terrace Fridays offer you the most exquisite drinks and frozen cocktails along with wines, champagnes, and beers. The Hudson Terrace Fridays are the best way to enjoy the weekend and boost you up with enough energy for the next Monday.

So, spend the Friday night at the Hudson Terrace with sweeping city views and Hudson River views. Take your night out experience to a new verge as you sit and relax in the Hudson Terrace or you move and groove to the beats of the music on the dance floor.

Furthermore, hang out with friends becomes more joyous if you feel like dancing to the beats of the music all night long. And so you can only be free when your dress is comfortable. Therefore, most of the dance clubs in the New York City has recommended a dress code. Well, the Skyroom New York dress code is also as unique as any of the clubs in the New York City. The Skyroom New York dress code recommended is trendy and upscale but neat. The Sky room New York dress code recommends boys to wear dress pant and dress shirts with dress shoes. And ladies are suggested to wear cute blouses and skirts or dresses with high heels. You can also wear Armani suits, sleek button-downs, designer dresses, LBDs and sky-high heels. But you will not be allowed to enter the doors of the Skyroom club if you wear ripped or torn clothing, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, flats, hats or caps of any kind, boots, colored sneakers or athletic gear. Well, your entry in the club is at the doorman’s discretion. So, wear a dress to impress, say a hello to the doorman, walk past him and party the night away with your cool friend’s group.


The New York City is a city where you can explore the nightlife of the clubs, bars, and lounges of the city. New York is the city where you can plan your night out and have experience an exciting girls/guys night out. The clubs of New York manages to provide you all the fun and excitement of clubbing. Therefore a lot of clubs are opened in the streets of the city of New York that regularly welcomes some people.

A sports bar jay z New York club popularly known as 40/40 club is famous for its nightlife. The club is famous for its gaming purpose. The jay z New York club provides you entertainment with a gaming vibe. The Jay z New York club is a luxuriously caramel brown and gold themed club. The VIP lounge of Jay z New York club accommodates up to 80 guests. The box styled sitting area let the people relax by being seated on the comfy sofas and couches. LED’s, LCD’s and plasma TV’s are fixed in the huge painted walls. The Jay z New York club has a unique and fully furnished interior and exterior. The wooden floor and amazing décor of the club attract the people at the famous sports club of New York City. There are private rooms as well. The Jay z New York club offers the best bottle service and packages. The club is famous for its bottle menu. The menu includes champagne, wine, whiskey, frozen cocktails, beers, etc. Experience the sporty and gaming nightlife.

Moreover, music and drinks make a perfect combination to fill you with comfort and relief. And so the Marquee NYC bottle service menu is full of premium drinks. The Marquee NYC bottle service menu offers you with whiskeys, tequila, vodkas, wines, champagnes and frozen cocktails. And the Marquee NYC bottle service menu also includes mixers like orange juice, cranberry juice, and tonic water. The Marquee Club is designed with lights and sound system matchless to any place in the whole New York City. And so the bottle service of the club is also perfect and beyond comparison. The Marquee NYC bottle service provides you with refreshing drinks and frozen cocktails that boost up your stamina to party the night away as long as you’re in the club. So, sip the excellent drinks and enjoy every moment of your night out.


The city of New York is famous because of the best lounge NYC. There are a lot of lounges, bars and party spots in the city. The city is full of night owls who therefore the New York is righteously called as the city that never sleeps. For the party lovers, a lot of night clubs and lounges are opened that attracts a number of the girls/guys.

There are a lot of best lounges in NYC. Some of them are rooftop lounges, and some of them are underground or basement lounges. The rooftop lounges crow with the as summer arrives while underground lounges are populated with party goers in winters.

If you are tired of the stressful week and want to hang out with your friends, then best lounge of NYC are the amazing places to hang up and dance. These best lounges of NYC are the places full of ultimate excitement. The never ending party let everyone enjoy the night out. The best lounge of NYC has the sophisticated crowd. The lounges offer the delicious drinks that let the crowd enjoy the night in their style. The trendy clubs has best bottle menu like whiskey, beer, champagne, wines, cocktails, cognac, tequila, shakes, lemonade, flavorful juices, vodka, chillers, and rum all of these drinks are served at the best lounges of NYC. The lounges also serve flavorful hookah. The hookahs are smoke able. The flavorful tobacco smoke able hookah let the people feel relaxed as they puff and pass the smoke in the air. The interior and exterior of the lounges are crafted with unique artistry skills. The color theme of the lounges is elegant. The wooden floor makes the lounges more stylish and attractive.

Moreover, black parties in the New York City are the best thing to do when the spring season arrives. The black party NYC is letting the most daring 50000 men bring out their wildest and kinkiest side, heightening the fun of the party and their dance moves. The black party NYC brings about the fetish bash of the city. It is among one of the city’s all day all night parties featuring gay art, culture, and performances. The black party NYC is now taking it more to the underground. The black party NYC is also the biggest gay party of the year letting the men enjoy the most bizarre live acts, world class performances, and international DJs.


Yearly, a lot of festive, parties, and events are organized in the city of New York. The city of New York is famous for its night life and clubbing New York. Parties and events like Halloween parties, masquerade party, Christmas party, Independence Day party, and many other parties are celebrated in the clubs of New York.

New York 2018 New Year is one of the much-awaited events of the year. People all over the world celebrate this event with love and affection. The people of New York celebrate New York 2018 New Year by gathering under the roof of the clubs of New York. The clubbing New York and the clubs make special arrangements for welcoming the New Year. People all over the city gather and welcomes the New Year with love. The clubs of New York emphasizes on the décor of the clubs. The clubbing New York puts efforts to make New Year Eve wonderful. Exclusive wall prints, fireworks, and paintings make the décor of the club stunning. New color themes of the clubs are set up just to welcome the New York 2018 New Year. People gather at the club and make the new resolution for the New Year.

The clubs arrange the hottest dance parties. Featuring the talented dancers at the arrival of New York 2018 New Year makes the clubbing New York eve full of excitement and fun. The clubbing New York parties are incomplete without the dance parties. The dancers are skillful and dance on the high beats of the music. Hip hop, rock and pop music is played at the bar by the professional DJ that let the crowd dance very well on the music beats. The eve becomes exciting and fantastic as the dancer perform belly dance and strip dance. The clubbing NYC makes the New York 2018 New Year fantastic by counting the last moments together before the clock strikes 12. Fireworks are popped up as its 12 in the clock.

Sip up the drinks of your own choice and enjoy the evening. Dress yourself according to the dress codes recommended by the clubs. The dresses that you wear should be classy and stylish. Gather at the most trendy and stylish clubs of New York and enjoy the New Year Eve. The hottest dance parties are arranged that make the New York 2018 New Year wonderful.


Are you looking for the best places to dance, dine in and relax? Then head toward the best places to dance in Manhattan and party in the heart of New York. Manhattan is a famous borough of the city of New York. Among all the five boroughs of New York, Manhattan is a well-known borough that is famous for its night life. There are a lot of best places to dance in Manhattan.

The best places to dance in Manhattan are the clubs of Manhattan. There are a lot of dance clubs situated in the heart of New York. The clubs offer all the partying needs to fulfill one’s nightlife experience. The best places to dance in Manhattan include rooftop and underground or basement dance clubs of Manhattan. The rooftop dance clubs of Manhattan are opened as the summer season arrives. As it gets hot outside and people need to stress the night away enjoying the most exquisite drinks at the rooftop clubs. The rooftop bars provide the most eye catching skyline view that makes the night fantastic. The rooftop clubs of Manhattan offers the exciting, refreshing drinks like frozen cocktails, chillers, slush, flavorful juices, lemonade and much more. Underground or basement clubs crow with party lovers as the winter season drives in. These underground clubs are the best places to dance in Manhattan as the club provides the best bottle service. The clubs offer liquor, alcohol, rum, whiskey, cognac, champagne, beer, tequila and much more.

The clubs of are the best places to dance in Manhattan because the clubs offer the hottest dance parties. The dance parties are unique and mesmerizing as the club features the most talented and professional dancers. The dancers are amazing and skillful that makes the clubs the best places to dance in Manhattan by their fantastic dance performances. Dance moves of the dancers and smooth dancing steps lit up the dance parties. Belly dance and strip dance is performed by the dancers on the dance floor of the club. The clubs organize the best dance parties by featuring the professional DJ and musicians. The DJ plays the latest song and remixes. The high beats music types like hip hop, rock; pop and classical remixes are played at the clubs of Manhattan.

The musical dance parties arranged at the clubs are the best places to dance in Manhattan. Rock the hottest dance parties in Manhattan.