The New York City is a city where you can explore the nightlife of the clubs, bars, and lounges of the city. New York is the city where you can plan your night out and have experience an exciting girls/guys night out. The clubs of New York manages to provide you all the fun and excitement of clubbing. Therefore a lot of clubs are opened in the streets of the city of New York that regularly welcomes some people.

A sports bar jay z New York club popularly known as 40/40 club is famous for its nightlife. The club is famous for its gaming purpose. The jay z New York club provides you entertainment with a gaming vibe. The Jay z New York club is a luxuriously caramel brown and gold themed club. The VIP lounge of Jay z New York club accommodates up to 80 guests. The box styled sitting area let the people relax by being seated on the comfy sofas and couches. LED’s, LCD’s and plasma TV’s are fixed in the huge painted walls. The Jay z New York club has a unique and fully furnished interior and exterior. The wooden floor and amazing décor of the club attract the people at the famous sports club of New York City. There are private rooms as well. The Jay z New York club offers the best bottle service and packages. The club is famous for its bottle menu. The menu includes champagne, wine, whiskey, frozen cocktails, beers, etc. Experience the sporty and gaming nightlife.

Moreover, music and drinks make a perfect combination to fill you with comfort and relief. And so the Marquee NYC bottle service menu is full of premium drinks. The Marquee NYC bottle service menu offers you with whiskeys, tequila, vodkas, wines, champagnes and frozen cocktails. And the Marquee NYC bottle service menu also includes mixers like orange juice, cranberry juice, and tonic water. The Marquee Club is designed with lights and sound system matchless to any place in the whole New York City. And so the bottle service of the club is also perfect and beyond comparison. The Marquee NYC bottle service provides you with refreshing drinks and frozen cocktails that boost up your stamina to party the night away as long as you’re in the club. So, sip the excellent drinks and enjoy every moment of your night out.

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