Reputable Nightclubs In NYC

A night out on the tiles in the Big Apple is a unique experience, particularly these days. While Brooklyn is always a cool place to socialize, it never hurts to venture further afield and hit the dance floor in the Manhattan clubs, for instance. Here are some of the most reputable nightlife that nightclubs in NYC has to offer:

Pacha, New York

This club is located in midtown Manhattan, on West 46th St. The reputation of Pacha as a worldwide mecca for clubbers draws in large numbers of glamorous party goers. This venue, which is thirty-thousand sq ft in size, has four levels. All levels have their own bespoke personality/decoration, and can be individually hired out. The speaker system used is Dynacord alpha, which is from Germany and extremely powerful. The standard lighting and LED effects ensure that every room takes on a life of its’ own.


This cabaret style nightclub, which has been open since 2003, is situated in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The purple walls are adorned with chic artwork, and there is a spiral staircase leading to a “Boom Box” room from the central dance floor. This back room, which offers a respite from the intensity of the dance floor below, is fitted with leather sofas. Every evening, this club focuses on a different kind of electronic dance music (EDM).


This is a sister club to the Marquee, situated in midtown Manhattan. The Lavo restaurant and nightclub is famous for its’ popular House talent. The décor is similar to the Marquee, with cascading chandeliers and leather sofas for VIPs. However, it offers a smaller and cozier experience, with more engagement between DJs and club goers.


Both lavish décor and sophisticated design are features of the Touch nightclub and event space. This venue, which is twelve-thousand sq ft, has three levels. Lately, the nightclub has been renovated and offers a frequent timetable of live music, club nights, catered banquets, corporate presentations and fashion shows.


This club is a haven for hipsters and Deep House enthusiasts, and is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With its’ metal décor and small size (just ten-thousand sq ft) Verboten dazzles its’ clientele with LED walls and lasers, as well as the best underground music. Yoga sessions and art shows are hosted in between sets.

The Output Club

This club, which is shaped like a box, is just a couple of minutes stroll from Verboten. Its’ simple design, combined with excellent line ups away from the more usual EDM sounds, is a breath of fresh air. Output DJs are less well known than the global EDM celebrities. However, with artists such as Jamie Jones, Len Faki, Seth Troxler and Danny Tenaglia you can be sure of some fantastic Deep House, Techno and House music.


As one of the multilevel NYC nightclubs, Element is extremely posh and hosts DJs, VJ’s, and numerous hip hop themed dance evenings. With its’ huge main room ceilings, impressive Romanesque archways and mezzanine candlelit walls, Element ranks among the most elegant NYC nightclubs. This three level haven for clubbers includes a VIP mezzanine, enticing lounge areas and several full service bars.

Riff Raff’s

Finally, another enjoyable Manhattan night spot to check out is situated in Gramercy (in the east of the island). Riff Raff’s is like a cross between a House music club and a tiki bar. Much of the time, the DJs are local people, and all clubbers have Amazonian war paint applied to them upon entry. The venue’s décor transports you out of an urban environment and into a rain forest, whilst still offering incredible laser lights, VIP bottle poppers, and a cozy dance floor to DJ ratio.

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