Some Of The Top New York City Nursing Homes

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New York City can boast of 576 nursing homes. 223 of these have received 5-star ratings from the nyc federal ‘Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’. The metro area, often referred to as ‘nyc’, includes Westchester County, Northern New Jersey, and Long Island.

These ratings are based on various measures of the quality of medical care, nursing staff, and health inspections.

(1). Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility – This facility accepts Medicare and Medicaid. It holds 589 beds and is government/state owned. It is not a part of any chain or Continuing Care Retirement Community. It rates 5 stars.

The 5 star rating means that this facility is in full compliance with food preparation standards as well as other health-related activities involved in state inspections. These inspections are carried out approximately every 15 months.

The Holly Patterson home has not received any citations for deficiencies or incidents, or received any complaints over the past 3 years.

(2). Amsterdam Nursing Home Corp (1992)

This is another one of the top nursing homes within NYC according to U.S. News and Work Report for 2014. They accept Medicare and Medicaid and feature 409 beds. They are a non-profit, Corporation owned facility, with no continuing care retirement community and are they are not part of any chain.

They have not been fined or denied any payments over the past 3 years. They also received a 5-star rating.

(3). Kittay House (Jewish Home and Hospital Nursing Home)

Their decor may run a bit more toward linoleum than marble, but the Kittay House is an excellent choice for moderate-income people who place a lot of value on an energetic social scene. This 36-year old high-rise has a dorm feel to it. It is part of the affordable-housing initiative by Mitchell-Lama.

The service is friendly according to both residents and experts on elder-care. Kittay residents have the option of ‘pay-as-you-go’ rehab services as well as access to additional services from the Jewish Home next door. The Jewish Home is the pioneer of an award-winning Alzheimer’s program.

(4). Hearthstone Alzheimer Care:

There are 29 beds and a 2 to 3 month waiting list here. It takes a $3,000 refundable deposit to hold a place on the list. The assistance given here is focused on Alzheimer’s disease. The place is located up on the 7th floor of the Esplanade but is separate from it. Hearthstone boasts of having the highest caregiver-to-patient ratios in the industry.

Their staff is one of the best-trained within the industry. They are said to ‘Speak Alzheimers’, which translates to never pressing residents who are unable to summon the right words. The entire program is designed to minimize the confusion.

Their secured floor has been strategically shaped to keep residents from feeling trapped. They place glass-enclosed memory boxes, jewelry, and family photos outside of doorways to help the residents locate their rooms.

(5). Cobble Hill Health Center:

This facility is commonly referred to as being a sub-acute-care home due to its strong medical programs. It has been providing care for over 30 years that rivals many of the good community hospitals. It is visited weekly by around 60 medical consultants, including dermatologists and oncologists, along with a whole slew of counselors and social workers.

Their Alzheimer’s unit if considered a model program by the State Dept. of Health. Their cardiac-rehabilitation and hemodialysis are distinguished as well.

This facility is touted by many for their commitment to ‘culture change’. They achieve this by dividing residents and their medical personnel into smaller and more personalized communities. This won them the Commissioner’s Award for Innovation given by the New York City Dept. for the Aging.

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